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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Biogeography is thestudy of the geographicdistribution of organisms-- in short, where specieslive in the world and why Modern science shows that many islands and continents were connectedbefore tectonic plates moved-- hence, there are some similar species in different parts of the world The dissimilarity of similar organisms may be attributedto natural selection or directinfluence of different physicalconditions Similar species are geographicallyclose because they have descended from common ancestors Darwin created his theory of Biogeographywhen he traveled on the H.M.S. Beagle and when he explored the Galapagos Islands,finding unique animals and fossils Darwin's theories were not originallywidely believed because many ofthem were radical for the time and against religious standards Darwin believed that eachindividual species originallyappeared in a particular placeand then spread to differentplaces around the earth Darwin believed that where migrationis possible, new species will be introduced,and these species will be modified by natural selection and the environment There are many similar climatesand habitats across the globe, buteach of these habitats has its ownunique organisms and species,unless migration is possible. Darwin developed his uniquetheory on biogeography, stating,We see in these facts some deeporganic bond, prevailing throughout space and time. This bond, on my theory, is simplyinheritance. Darwinian Biogeography Darwinian Biogeography URLs:
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