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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 $Top 5 Billionaires'$ $1. Bill Gates- Net worth: 81B.Founder of Microsoft Word and Cofounder ofBill and Melinda Gates Foundation.Education: Drop out of Harvard University. $2. Mark Zuckerberg- Net Worth: 35B.Co Founder, Chairman, and Ceo of Facebook.Education: Drop Out of Harvard University, $3. Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy- Net Worth 1.5B each.Founders of Snapchat,Education: Drop Out of Stafford University, $4. Markus Derisson- Net Worth: 1.3B.Founder of Minecraft,Education: No education found. $5. Michael Jordan- Net Worth: 1B.Professional Basketball Player, Spokesman, Enterpuner, Actor.Makes $80-$100 Million per year.Earns $60 Million each year from Nike/Jordan brand.Education: Graduated from University Of North Carolina with a degree in Geography.Owner of Charlotte Hornets. $Top 5 Millionairs'$ $1. Michael Jackson- Net Worth: $600 Million.Professional Singer, Actor.Education: No education found. $2. Floyd Money Mayweather- Net Worth: 400 MillionProfessional Boxer, Actor.Makes $80 Million per year.Education: No education found. $3. Justin Bieber- Net Worth: $200 Million.Professional Singer.Makes $50-$70 Million yearly.Education: No education found. $4. Tom Brady- Net worth: 120 Million.Professional Football Player.Makes 26.5 million salary annual.Education: Graduated from the Universityof Michigan of Literature Science and Arts with a degree in buisness and pshycology. $5. Kim Kardashian- Net Worth: $28 million.Reality Star, Tech Enterpuner, Fashionist, Model.Education: No education found. 0 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 Bill Gates Mayweather Michael Jordan Mayweather Michael Jackson Mayweather
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