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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How A Bill Becomes A Law Steps to make a law 6. Ecstatic The Speaker of the House assigns the bill to a committee for study.there are 20 permanent, committees in the house.*In Committee, the bill may be tabled, reported out to the house unchanged, or revised and released for consideration the newly amended version goes back to the house and the senate for final approval A Bill can be sponsored by a member of either house of Congress. The amended bill goes to a conference committee made up of members from both houses, so the house and senate versions can be recoiled the bill becomes a law and is given a number that identifies which congress passed it. for example, a law enacted by the 107 congress might be names public law 107-125 The Bill is introduced to the house of representatives The Bill goes to Senate The Vice Oresident of the united States, The presiding officer of the senate, assigns the bill to a senate committee for study. There are 16 standing committees in the Senate. *in Committee, the bill may be tabled,revised,and released, or reported out to the senate unchanged The Senate debates the bill, makes necessary amendments, and puts it to a vote. *the bill may fail to get a majority of the votes. *an amended bill will go to a conference committee. *an unchanged bill will go to the president for his/her signature . The final bill goes to the president for his/her signature. *he can sign or veto it Amazed and delightedwith everything thissite has to offer. The bill is debated, amended if necessary, and voted on by the members of the house of representatives. *The bill must receive a majority of voted in order to pass. If it passes it goes to the Senate for consideration Alyssa Portner
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