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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How a Bill Becomes a Law 3 Main options have with a bill Bill is introduced by the congress.House: places bill in the hopper.Bills concerning money originatedfrom the house. A permanent committee meetsregularly to talk about the bill.90% of work is done here and 90% don't make it to the nextstep. 1) Recommend to pass or to notpass the bill2) Pigeonhole-hold in committee3) Kill the bill The committee's job is to decidehow the bill is going to be debated that is because the house is tohuge and they need to regulatewhat to debate to not waste time.Setting these rules gets the nickname Traffic Cop Bill is then read a second timebecause it might off been a longperiod of time since they last readthe bill. Send to Standing Committee Rules Committee 2nd Reading 1st Reading 3rd Reading Vote on bill The debate initally starts here.If you want to debate you muststand and the sponsor of billdebates. People may fillibuster to delay the debate or completlyavoid it. With a 3/5 vote you canstop the fillibuster. Sent to President Conference Committee Bill then goes to the otherchamber to vote on changingthe bill. When the debate is finishedthe house and the senate vote.If 50 percent plus 1 of the people pass the bill then the bill goes tothe next step. Sent to other chamber repeats steps 1-7 If the bill is altered it isthen sent to the conferencecommittee. If no changes are made then it is sent tothe president. 1) Sign it- agrees with the bill2) Veto it- disagrees with the bill3) Hold it- after 10 days if he does not sign it the bill becomesa law4) Pocket Veto- congress adjournevery single bill thats not signed is killed Daylon KittellPeriod 5
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