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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How A Bill Becomes Lawby Jojo WIlliams SIGNSOFEMMOTIONALMATURITY 10.Finally it is sent to the P.O.T.U.S or thePresident of the United States. 1. Sign the bill and it becomes law.2. Veto it and the bill gets returned to congress.3. Wait until it dies4. Pocket Veto Wait the the 10 day period and the bill gets signed without the president's signature. 3.3 MAIN options have with abill. Pass it, revise it,and lay it aside so the housewont vote. A simple majorityvote of 2/3 agree to suspendthe rules. 5.2nd ReadingWhen a a committee has approvedof a bill, it is sent to the House floor.Once read, it is ready to be debated by the House of Reps. 1.1st ReadingSponsor introduces the billHopper: A box where the bill isplaced to be introduced tothe senateAny bill that gets spentalways starts in the house 2.Send to Standing CommitteeThey study the bill and heartestimonies of the people whowant to hear it90-90 rule is where 90% of the work gets done and 90% of billsdie 6.3rd readingDebate begins with thesponsor. Only the senatecan filibuster with a 3/5vote of cloture. Filibustermeans endless debate 4.Rules Committee also knownas the ¨traffic cop¨ where theyset rules and standards for the bill. Sent to the House, because the senate doesn'thave unlimited debate 8.Sent to other chamber-repeats steps 1-7. Both chambers vote on the bill.Senate follows similar procedure 9.If its different in any way from the original, it issent to the conferencecommittee. ConferenceCommittee is the House and the senate gatherto resolve disagreements 7.Voting on the Bill takes a simple50%+1 votes to pass
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