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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Analytics Restaurants EDUCATION - Buyer's Behavior- Retaining Customers - Predictive Analysis- Warehouse Security- iBeacon Solutions HEALTHCARE InfoVision Differentiators: RETAIL FINANCE LOGISTICS MEDIA MANUFACTURING TRAVEL - Demand Forecasting- Routing Analysis for better delivery - Biometric Print Records- Same day Balance Reporting- Future Market Trends Prediction- Fraud Detection - Cheapest Flight Prediction- Railways Track Problem Detection- Maximum Profitable Route Detection - Academic & Behavioral issues Analysis - Outlet Optimization by huge data collection - Downtime & Lost Profits Reduction - Demographic Data Analysis to Launch Highly Targeted Campaigns - Fraudulent Claims & Prescriptions Identification Automating Work Flows Integrated with Suppliers SystemsIdentifying Quality Issues early in Supply ChainLean Six Sigma Standards Inventory optimizationSupply Chain Network Modeling & DesignAutomated and connected methods of CommunicationContinuous improvement across Suppliers - CAPAInvest in Infrastructure & Leverage CloudCollaborating with competitors to share logistics resources & more... Expertise in improving revenues up to 2x, reducing operational costs up to 30% by improvingDemand Forecast and Automating Sourcing, Distribution through predictive analyticsResource pool of Data Scientists, Domain Experts & Technology Experts Software Development Facilities in India, to get high productivitySkill to leverage parallel processing, high performance computing to reduce Big Data Analytics timeCapability to develop Custom Solutions to churn Big DataFull-stack proficiency in Apache Hadoop® (HDFS, MapReduce), Hadoop Projects(Mahout, Pig, Hive, HBase, Flume, Oozie)Experience setting up and managing Hadoop Cluster, familiarity collecting log data, programminglanguages and scripting languages know-how and understanding of different databasesTrack Record executing complex, volume projects on time and under budget for the Fortune 500Proprietary Technologies, methodologies, tools and processes to provide cost-effective solutionsFlexible Solutions and fixed price projects onsite, offsite and offshoreGlobal Operations with operations in North America, Europe and AsiaTestimonials and referrals on quality and service Best Practices: Hadoop Database Terabytes Analysis Cloud NoSQL Information Mobile Optimize the Power of Big Data with InfoVision
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