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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The sugar The machine To Pasteurize or not? The Taylor Machinesare the best solutionon the service front, consistency of fresh, the speed cannot be denied either:) Taylor the experience Play with the sugar This recipe reduces the caloriesby 40%!This recipe reduces the sugar by 80%This recipe reduces the cost by25 - 40%Increased FRESHNESS by 100% "Skinny, Healthy, and on Leder Family Passover Traditions 1300g 700ml The Refined white was used.Consider using an unrefined"RAW" sugar or cane sweetener.Add as much as 2000g of sugar The shift THE SEDER PLATE (Seder is hebrew for order)Bitter Herbs represent the bitterness of slavery.Charset, a mixture of chopped nuts, apples, cinnamon, and wine, represents the the mortar the Israelites used on the Pharaoh's projects.Shank bone represents the lamb that was sacrificed at the temple during Passover. Egg represents renewal.Karpa, or parsley, represents the prosporous first years in Eygpt.Marror, or horseradish, represents the hard work the Israelites had to do while enslaved. THE HAGGADAH (The story of Passover)The reading of the Haggadah is lead by the oldest male, but the rest of the family reads along out loud too. ELIJAH'S CUPThe cup is an extra glass of wine left in the middle of the the table for the Prophet Elijah. The children go to the door to greet him, but by the time they get back Elijah has already come and drank the wine. AFIKOMEN (Larger piece of broken Matzah)The Afikomen is hidden in a napkin at the beginning of the meal by the parents. After the meal the children go to find it and the winner receives a prize. Made by Mia Garland (My aunts fancy Seder Plate) (My grandparents Seder Plate)
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