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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Between Shades of Grey By: Ruta Sepetys Lina and her family were about to go to bed whenSecret Soviets knockedhard on their door. Lina and her family were takenand put on a train where theymet many other people whoare in the fight for theirsurvival. Lina, her family, and her friendswere sent to a beet farm to work.They needed to find a way to all help each other survive. Through the time that Lina, herfriends, and family were at thefarm, she had been drawingand writing. Soviets soon foundthe drawings and asked Lina todraw a map for them of thearea. After being at the beetfarm for almost ayear, they deportedLina, her family, &her friends to Trofimovsk. American ships arrived in Trofimovskand everyone thought they weresaved from the Soviets. Then they sawthat the Americans were helping theSoviets, they got really upset and lost most hope in their freedom. After fighting the cold and hard winter, Lina's momgot really sick and passedaway. (epilogue) Almost 50 years later, anote was found fromLina to her friend. Shehad married a man from the farm and the notetells her story to theworld. "I didn't get a doctor. I didn't get medicine.I lost my ration and humiliated myselfin the process. I began walking awayfrom the barracks. I had forgotten whatthe sun feels like on my face. When I closed my eyes, I could see sunlight in Lithuania, and on Andrius's hair. But I couldn't imagine the sun on the Laptevsea. Even if we did make it through thewinter, would we have the strength tobuild things? Could we really build a bathhouse and a school? Who would beleft to teach? pg 313 Sydney Blaxton "Have you ever wondered whata human life is worth? That morning, my brother's was wortha pocket watch. pg 27
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