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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Family Consumer Science 1993 1979 11th Annual Lake Placid Conference discussedthe definition, focus, role, name, and values of Home Economics. 1862 0,83 toneladas de CO2 por consumo de electricidad 1908 1959 1971 1973 1985 1975 1909 Ellen Swallow Richards is considered the founder ofthe American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Home Economics was redefined.The mission being to enable families to function in a way that matures individualself-formation and gives the means for accomplishing goalsthat are formulated by the individual. Scottsdale Conference: Name of discipline changed to Family and Consumer Sciences.Mision was redefined as well. 1893 Chicago World's Fair featured the Rumford kitchen. This was the first time that the general public was made aware of the profession. 1902 1899 Morrill Land Grant Act allowed for higher education for common individuals 1st Lake Placid Conferenceheld. Chose the name "HomeEconomics" for the discipline.Eleven people were in attendance,including Ellen Swallow Richards. 4th Annual Lake Placid Conference defined Home Economics as therelationship between social and physical environment. American Home Economics Association was formed. American Association of Family and ConsumerSciences was founded Home Economics-New Directions placed emphasis on strengtheningfamily life Accreditation of higher education programs was authorized New Directions II was developed to provideleadership in the field. Certification of HomeEconomists began. Mission of FCS Professionals:*Empower Individuals*Strengthen Families*Enable Communities FCS takes an integrativeapproach to the relationshipsamong individuals, families,and communities and the environments in which theyfunction. CURRENT ISSUES IN FCS *population changes *work/ life choices*digital technology *ethic diversity*genetic modification *communication*family changes *environmental concerns
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