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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! Find out as much criteria for the audition When is the audition? Where is the audition? Should I bring head shots? What is the audition for? How should I prepare for this role? Look for an audition piece that best fits you You don't want to choose a piece that is out of your league. Try to find something that you can relate to and brings out your strengths. Choose your piece and get to know it Where are you? Who are you speaking to?What is your objective?What are your obstacles?What's your character like?What's going on in that exact moment? Preparation Practice, practice, practice. Figure out a strategy to memorize your lines.Get to know your lines andknow them like the back of your hand.Run through your piece multiple timesand present it to different friends or family for criticism Night before/Day of Go to bed early in order to get a good rest. Gather all the things you need. Eat a balanced breakfast and try to avoid any unhealthy food that might throw you off. Proper Attire The right look will help you look and feel the part.Wear something that is comfortable but professional.Don't wear anything too out of the ordinary, you want to makea good first impression. Audition Arrive on time, don't be late.Run over everything.Get into your character, breathe, keep calm and most importantly,have fun! How to Prepare for an Audition
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