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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Being By: Kevin Brooks Science fiction Theme The theme in the book is you are always going to need someone, Robert had found it hard, to trust anyone even his old friends, because they might turn him for the "Money" they are offering. I know this is the theme because itis communally repeated through the book. Main Character Robert Robert is a truly caring person, but throughout his life he hasbeen from foster home to foster home. He has u normallife, he is a "criminal" they say. Appearance: He is tall and goofy lookinghe a very skinny kid, andhe has brown hair that he dye blonde and wear fake glasses. Robert gets a job when heruns away with Eddie, he gets a job as a constructionsite worker. Person vs. Self:Robert has only his self till Eddie comes into his life but at that point he has no idea ifhe can trust her, so he only has his self and he is "Eating his self up"by remembering hisfoster parents,what he has doneto all these people. Plot Line Robert going to the Doctors tofind out what is wrong with and why this is happening to him. Robert waking up on the surgery table them cutting him open and Robert having to to get out of there fast before they hurt him. He finds Eddie who needs himas much as he needs her.They run away together. When they get to where they are going there life starts to to come together.everything is working out the way they want it too. The guys showed up, and they try to take everyone hostage, but it didn't work out in their favor. Ratings! I gave it this rating because at first,It's really hard to get into and it slow. A.R Question. Why did Robert and Eddie look up Ryan in the data base? To see why he hasn'tshown up in the newspaper To see if they, made him disappear like he never exsisted To see if Robert was lieing?
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