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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How does the western media affect perception of beauty globally? All around the world every culture defines beauty in there own way! Japan: Prefer women with pale smooth complexion and straight hair West Africa: Women with fullerfigures is more attrative kayan Tribe: Long necks and brass rings are signs of beauty Iran: Beauty centers around the nose France: Physical attractiveness and grooming is impotant Maori Tribe: Tattooing on chins and lips is desirable Karo Tribe: Cut scars on stomach attract men India: Women known for beautiful hair and skin Brazil: Ideal body and blond straight hair America: Pretty face, gorgeous eyes, slight tan complexion, blond hair, and slim figure In America media manipulates our perception of beauty! * In American we look up to women women in magazines and movies, but never take in consideration that there faces/body are manipulatedand naturally unrealistic through plastic surgery and editing. We are being brainwashed by media to chase basically an illusion and should chase realistic modelsbased off of attitude and behavior. * Media objectifies women byadvertisement thus leadingwomen to try live up to the "standards" of beauty stripping us from are true culture. * Every year $33 billion spent ondiets, $20 billion on cosmetics,$300 billion on surgery! Positively affects media throughconsumption. Negatively affects Americans global culturesto follow trends.
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