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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sustainability- Balancing Society, Environment, and Economy Sustainable Economy Social Environment Bearable Viable Equitable The three pillars that hold up or make life sustainableare Economy, Society,and Environment. Withoutone of the other pillars, thesustainability structure willnot stand. A sustainable society:Being able to sustain livingfor future societies, not doingdumb things that will otherwise hurt the future generations. We all need to stop continuing the activities that are destroying human life.Some Examples are: A sustainable Economymeans that you shouldn'tjust spend spend spend,but you should really think about how and where the money is going. We are spending too much money on useless junk we probably do not need Littering and pollution are just two out of many ways we are destroying human life Instead of just wasting our money on expensive, useless stuff, we could just save up for school or healthy food that would help us Keeping the environment cleanand safe is really importantso that we are able to stayand prosper on Earth withouthaving to worry about anything like polution. Making the environment safe means that we should take care of it. Some examples of how we can take care of Mother Earth are: Reducing the amount ofcarbon being released inthe air Stop Deforestation! Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Ensurethat the plastics we use canand will be reused again andnot being thrown into the ocean So, How do we keep sustainability? Social, economic, and environmental systems must be kept in harmony or balance Clean up after yourself and remember to not take more than you need.