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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DONATE Copyright Delicate Fortress Creations THE WORLD DESTRUCTION HUMANS KILLING THE EARTH Through out these years humans have been killing the earth using different ways. One way is pollution, humans polite the earth so much, humans litter when a stupid garbage can is right next to them, humans smoke when the only thing it does is kill you, and humans make things we don't need in factorys. As you can see pollution is a big thing killing the earth. Another way humans have been destroying the earth is by destroying the habitats. Humans have no right to destroy another animals home. Humans construct random buildings wherever they want when they don't think of what their harming. Many animals lose their life's because of habitat lost. Another way humans are destroying the earth is by spilling blood. For years humans have been killing for many stupid reasons, mostly for control. The earth has been practically painted in blood because of humans, After the WorldWars and death experiences humans are still killing. HUMANS KILLING ANIMALS Humans kill animals for many stupid reasons. One animal they kill are the wolves. The wolves do nothing to humans yet humans kill them for fun in the woods. Another animal that humans kill are the Amur Jaguars. Humans kill these Jaguars for mainly their fur. This species is one of the most endangered species in the world. Another animal that humans kill are the white tigers like the Amur Jaguars, humans kill white tigers for their fur. White tigers are very rare, but their bigger than the Orange tigers. tap and hold to change this title text! SOLUTIONS THE WORLD DESTRUCTION One solution to stoping the world destruction by humans is to send humans to space. They can't really ruin anything in space and they can live on another planet where they won't harm anything, meaning a planet made of completly rock and nothing more. Another solution to stoping the earth from totally chaos is that the government can make a new rule where if anyone hurts an animal or any living thing for a stupid reason, they have to go to jail for a long time. ( I think the space plan is more effective.) Another solution is that everything becomes like the maze runner, the sun burns everything. You see how humans are destroying this earth. We need to take action right away, just probably not with one of my solutions.
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