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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Captain woolwaved a white handkerchief to singal the americans surrender. when the smoke cleared 1,000taken prisoner and 300 kiled or wounded but the victors only lost 28 killed and 77 wounded regular,milita and aboriginal. British major Rodger Hale Sheaffe. Now came in command and lead his troops to Queenston heights. Sheaffe fired a volley muskettry and launched a bayonet charge on Americans. most of the american army had taken position on the heights and became pinned down by a small group of mohawk and delaware warriors loyal to the british. Van rensselaer reserves all the militas waiting to cross the river but after they heard the roar of the guns he didnt want to participate his forces crumbled to a mere 350 regulars and 250 milita running low on ammunition volleys of fireand a british and canadian charged with bayonets took americans by surprise Nirvana Smells like teen spirit Hey Jude The Beatles Hotel California Michael Jackson Billie Jean California Gurls Katy Perry Outkast Hey Ya The Eagles *resources The battle of queenston heights.On October 13th 1812. On October 11th it with the americans embarking troops innew york to cross the niagara river to battle on queenston heights General Issac Brock leads troops into battle and is fatally wounded by an american sharp-shooter. british major rodger hale sheaffe arrived with reinforcements 300 soldiers and 250 militia.
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