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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Battle of Lexington and Concord The beginning of the revolutionary war began with 50 men standing up to 800 in the town of Lexington . The British had been searching for Samuel Adams and Jon Hancock but they had fled the night before and instead were met by 50 minute men. In the confusion of the stand off shooting broke and and the American Revolution began!the minute men were defeated and retreated back only loosing ten men. The British than advanced onto concord to steal the rebels weapons. When the British got to concord just like the two rebel leaders the men had been warned and hid the weapons in more hidden Areas. When the British strayed two head the back the encounters the minute men one more this time the minute men numbered 400 and the British only 200. The British retreated back to Boston all the while on the March people through rocks and sticks at the British soliders. In the end the British had lost 275 men and the Americans only 88 Connections between "My Brother Sam Is Dead" and the battle of Lexington and Concord People throw stones at the British as they walked back to Boston. The battle of Lexington and Concord "My Brother Sam Is Dead" Betsy would definitely throw rocks at the returning British soldiers, because she believes she needs to help the American cause in every way. About 50 Minutemen meet the British in Lexington and try to fight them. Sam would fight with the group of 50 minute men against 800 British troops. I think this because Sam is headstrong and impulsive. People rode though towns warning people in the middle of the night that the British were coming. Sam and Betsy would be the people to ride through towns if they could. I know this because they both believe that the 13 colonies should be their own country and will do anything to help their cause. John Hancock and Samuel Adams were considered "traitors" by the British and needed to be captured. Father would have considered them traitors as well. I think this because he does not want a rebellion to be stirred up and start a war. Colonists hid most of the weapons they had stored when they heard the British were coming. Sam would hide weapons all night. I think this because he enlisted to go into the army which means he is a true patriot and would die for his cause. "My Brother Sam Is Dead" William Huntley-Robertson
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