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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The history of In 1939, Batman first appeared in Detective comics. Back then his costume had purple gloves and just a standard belt with round buckle. His ears were much pointer then! in 1940, Detective comics # 30 added some blue into Batman's costume along with some new longer boots and gloves. From 1943-1949, Batman was first seen on television. The show, Batman and Robin, was in black and white and Batman's costume had silly floppy ears that connected to his cape. During 1950-1960 the costume pretty much stayed exactly the same. Except for a few very weird exceptions, such as 1957's rainbow batman or 1960's zebra batman. In 1966 Adam West took the role of being batman. His costume had a comical look to it and was made complete with drawn on angry eyebrows. The animated shows, "super Friends" and "The New Adventures of Batman" were drawn to look just like the Adam West costume. In 1986, The Dark Knight Returns came out, and Batman is shown as an old man and for the first time ever, Robin was a girl. In this version he completely gets rid of the yellow on his suit, and the bat symbol is made much bigger. In 1989 Burton's "Batman" was the first serious movie about Batman. In this version they introduced the grappling gun, and they brought back the yellow plate behind the bat symbol Perhaps the most well known version of Batman is from the 1992 "Batman: The Animated Series" They created a mixture of almost all of his previous costumes and really brought the comics to life. This series became an Emmy award winning series. After the Animated series ended, they created "The New Batman Adventures" This show lasted from 1997-1999 and they drew this one in a similar style to "Superman: The Animated Series" to allow crossovers. In 1999, "Batman Beyond" shows a time after Bruce Wayne has retired from the cape and new spends his day with his dog, and training young Terry McGinnis to become the new Batman. His costume completely changed everything, ditching the cape and using an all black costume with a large red bat symbol on his chest start from scratch[clears the canvas] In 2005 Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" came to theaters and his very black, very armored suit was introduced. This movie turned into a trilogy, and drew in many more batman fans into the DC universe, making it possible for 2009's "Arkham Asylum" video game to be possible, along with it's sequels "Arkham City" and "Arham Origins" Batman fans now patiently await the upcoming sequel to "The Man of Steel" with Ben Affleck playing the caped crusader in 2006.
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