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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The day is July 14, 1789. "All of us in the mob marched to the Bastille. We demanded their prisoners and gunpowder. The guards were prepared for an attack because they had heard rumors, but they were not prepared for as many of us as there were. There were more than three hundred of us. We just couldn't take any more from the government and unfair taxing. We had to do something.The prison was a symbol of the King's power, so we attacked. "There were not as many guards as I had thought. We easily accessed the arsenal and courtyard. I don't think that Marquis de Launay, the governor ofthe Bastille, knew the kind of damage we could do. He let some in without much of a fight, though I heard he was only doing it to buy time for more guards tohelp. When we entered, however, the guards were ordered to attack. Many people died.I cannot remember it clearly because everyone was in such a frenzy. Finally, the rescueteam for the Bastille arrived. Of course, they were supposed to fight against us. Instead,they fought alongside us. With their arrival, we had the advantage. More power in ournumbers and their military skills, we were able to defeat the guards within a few hours. "After this, Marquis de Launay didn't have much of a choice. He let us enter the Bastille. We were caught up in our victory and killed all of the guards. When we reached Marquis de Launay, we beheaded him. Some of the other revolutionaries put the head on a stake and paraded around the city with it to celebrate."With that, I think we succeeded. I wasn't looking to kill so many people, but what weachieved was gaining the attention of the public and igniting a desire for revolution in thepeople." The Revolutionary News The Storming of the Bastille You've heard about the Bastille before, but here are the events told by a participant, Allard Pomme Aubrey Klein6th hour
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