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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Instant Replay The Game of Baseball and How its Changing "America's National Pastime" Ethnicity Changes Up until 1947, when Jackie Robinson, an African-American player, broke the color-barrier, Major League Baseball wasa white person only sport. General Managerswould not sign a player if he was of any other race.Now days, the MLB is filled with all different kinds of ethnicities, as shown in the chart below. Latino African-American Asian White Latin 28.4% 8.2% 2% 60.9% Anglo-Saxon 60% 30% 2014 Ethnicity Percentage Percentage of English words derived from ... How Baseball is Changing Money Wise Baseball in early 1900's Baseball in 2014 White people only Many different races Blake T. LaClaire 1/28/14 Average salary- $75,000 Average Salary- $3,500,000 3 strikes is an out 4 balls is a walk Ticket Price- $1 Ticket Price-$18 Pitching from 60' 6" Fences- 250 ft Fences-315 ft 2014 season 25- man roster Ethnicity breakdown 3 strikes= Out4 balls= WalkMound= 60'6" away from homeBaseball= America's Pasttime Basics Remain Instant Replay invented, but not used for baseball Instant replay used to review baseball plays Instant replay wasn't inventeduntil 1955, but now days, it isused very frequently in theMajor League Baseball. How itworks is that there is a team ofumpires(referees) that arestationed in New York City everyweek of the season. If a teamwants to challenge a play onthe field, the umpires working that game will call the umpires in NYC, who are watching the game, and they will reach a decision together, after reviewing the play. 1900's 2014 Highest Payed Player- Babe Ruth Amount-$70,000 a season Highest Payed Player- Clayton KershawAmount- $32 million a season
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