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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Barn BurnerBy: Patricia WillisPublished 2000 509,000 people in 19302,776,000 people in 201035.8% unemployment in 19303.6% unemployment in 2014 Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah built by the CCC as a part o the New Deal. $0.20 per pound of steakWhite bread was $0.08 per loafButter cost $0.28 per pound milk cost $0.14 a gallon Price Comparisons from 1930 to 2015 $4.98 a pound for steak$2.48 for a loaf of bread$3.00 per pound of butter$3.00 for a gallon of milk Present day 1930's Adam Schlichtmann P: 7 Did you know? 1. During the Great depression boys and men of all ages would leave home in search of jobs.2.There was over 250,000 people wandering the USAfor jobs.3. All of these hobos wouldhitch rides from strangers orjump onto freight trains for transport.4. Factories would hire boys because they could pay them less than men.5. Hobos would take random household jobs from strangersin exchange for a meal. The basic meaning behind this book is the importanceof trusting people. The setting is in 1933 Ohio andcovers a few months of Ross's life. The Barn Burner is about a boy named Ross who ran away from his home tofind work. He sleeps in a barn one night andwhen he wakes up the barn is burning down.He is blamed for it but he didn't do it. The story follows his struggle to stay out of troubleand to try and find the person he saw in thebarn who he believes started the fire. Ross ranaway from home due to his bum father who would hit him.
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