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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Plut To make up Pluto's mass of, 1.31 x 1022 kilograms, you will need to have 2,310,405,644,000,000,000,000,000 quarters. Pluto has a diameter of about 1,430 miles, about 70 percent of the diameter of Earth's moon, 18 percent of the diameter of the Earth, and half the width of the United States How big is Pluto? Is Pluto a planet? Pluto is not a planet because when the other bodies were found, they had similar issues about the size and the way it orbits, so they decided to redefine what a planet was. Pluto failed to meet the new criteria, so it was now considered a dwarf planet. How was such a tiny planet discovered? In order for Clyde Tombaugh to save for college, he was assigned with a task to compare the photos of the sky taken days apart in order find moving objects. He found an object, now known as Pluto, that moved in an orbit. Even though pluto is very small, it still has moons. It has five moons. Is Pluto a planet? Pluto's name came from an eleven year old schoolgirl named Venetia Burney who suggesested the name Pluto,the god of the underworld. How far is away if Pluto from... Pluto is usually 3.6 billion miles away from the sun, but since it orbits in an oval so it varies. Pluto is usually 4.67 billion miles away from the Earth. At their closest, they are 2.66 billion miles away. Earth Pluto There has been a controversy whether or not Pluto should be a planet. It used to be considered as a planet, but now it is a dwarf planet By; Jordan Baisley
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