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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Outreach Worker FUTURE Events Management ACE INTERNSHIP FUTURE SKILLS TRAINING LEARNING ROLES OUTCOME Project Manager, Hotel/Tourism,Sales/Marketing Social Worker,Counsellor,Youth Worker SKILLS TRAINING LEARNING ROLES OUTCOME Vibrant environment, exciting process Responsibility,Planning SkillsCritical thinking Event planner, Negotiator, Budgetor, Project Mgmt Professional, Competent,Quality Service. HANDS ON Outdoors, high energy, sports Engagement ,Awareness,Assessment . Motivator,Facilitator,Positive Role Model, Mentor Career Tracks | Process | Outcomes The UBS ACE Internship Programme provides astimulating training environment and realistic job exposure to two areas of work. It focuses on capability building, experiential learning and life coaching to build assets and enrhance career outlook. The two jobs are offered are relevant & fits with the profiles of at-risk youths, allowingfellow VWOs, ministries & other institutions to refer suitable youths to the programme. ADRENALIN-FILLED Community contributor & social impactor Awareness, Practical Learning& Work Exposure Personal Coaching,Life Coaching,Career Mentoring 6-8 youths 6-8 youths Programme Cost: $20,000 Skills Training Socio-emotional, 40 Training Hrs >72hrs work 16 Hrs Mentoring/Coaching Advancement Tracks Leadership roles, Course upgrading,Intermediate Training
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