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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Elements of Civilization What did the temples and palaces of the ancients attempt to reflect? Temples and Palaces in ancient Mesopotamia, like art and literature, reflect the pride and the beliefs of the people. Unique architecture worked to beautify the city. The art and literature of the ancients attempted to reflect the beliefs or pride of the nation or community.Things like paintings on pots or stories of the culture's heroes. What did the art and literatureof the ancients attempt to reflect? How do public works ensure the defense of the city Public works contributed to the defense of a city greatly.Governments tax citizens to create walls around the city and equip and feed armies. How did public works ensure a steady food supply for the city? Public works greatly helped provide a steady food supplyto the city. Governments would make dikes and damsto control rivers and make irrigation systems. This let citieshave a surplus, allowing society to advance with new socialclasses and jobs. How did technological advancements effect trade? Three advancements in ancient Mesopotamia were warehouses, wheeled vehicles, and artisans. Warehousesgave traders a place to safely store their stock, wheeledvehicles greatly improved the speed of trading, and artisansmade goods to trade with other cultures. Sasha, Sahibjeet, Dominic, Aldrin, Charmel, Nate
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