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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OWNER FREELANCE EMPLOYEE FANO (PU) IPR Strategy 2015 2015 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Both (non-governmental)roundtables conclude withrecomendations bycopyright holders & Beyond Looking Forward Jan. 2015 - USTR meets with the Swiss Ambassador in DC, touching on a number of IP-related points, including concerns regarding online piracy, gratitude for positive cooperation on Latin America, foreshadowing upcoming UN climate negotiations and suggesting coordination. March 2015 - US Ambassador to Switzerland reaches out to appropriate Swiss government officials in Bern to follow up on USTRengagement in D.C. and notorious markets report. Raises general concerns, highlights recommendation to watchlist, mentionsEmbassy intention to run op-ed, and recommends prioritization and close bilateral engagement, including technical-level discussionson IPR enforcement. Embassy would acknowledge Switzerlands lukewarm compliance with our demands for a legislative action plan, the glacial pace of proposed reforms (which remain hypothetical), and the insignificance of the proposed Swiss plan of action as justification. May 2015 - Bilateral technical-level discussions, in person and/or DVC, as appropriate, focused on operationalizing the AGUR 12recommendations, including through legislation and non-legislative channels, to get Switzerland off Special 301 Watchlist. Identify other high-level/technical-level opportunities to engage with the Swiss, e.g., USG visits to Switzerland, Swiss visits to DC, margin of WTO and other multilateral meetings. Engage with U.S. rights holders in parallel with above outreach. July 2016 - Host a high-level, multi-stakeholder event in Switzerland on IPR protection, featuring panelists and technical experts fromgovernment, business, academia, and the think tank community. Collectively develop a road-map for the future of Internet IP protection, focused not on where IPR protection in Switzerland is today, but rather where it is going (i.e., monetizing creative content through content ID programs versus direct sales). This would arm the Swiss with concrete, actionable suggestions designed to make Switzerland a leader(as opposed to laggard) in Internet IPR in the coming years. Utilize States Office of International Communication and Information Policys (CIP) efforts on cybersecurity to develop a strategic dialogue with the Swiss on ICT, an area where the Swiss could/should adopt a global leadership role. April 2015 - Following Embassy Bern's Special 301 submission, Embassy Bern and EB continue to advocate for Switzerland's inclusion in the Special 301 Watch List within the interagency working group. Push MPAA and RIAA to work with host providers to target and take down major violating sites, as outlined in the Swiss Internet Industry Association in its Hosting Code of Conduct (HCC). Couple this with an effort to widely publicize and message any failure to act on this front. Switzerland Feb. 2015 - Notorious Markets report released. Switzerland is mentioned, but not singled out as a notorious market. March. 2015 - U.S. Embassy Bern runs op-ed on Switzerland's notorious markets mention, highlighting the issue. Nov. 2015 - Embassy Bern and interagency look for concrete follow-up at the annual U.S./Switzerland Joint Economic Council (JEC) in Washington (TBD Fall 2015). April 2015 - End of April, if Switzerland is 301 Watch Listed, build a public diplomacy campaign around the announcement highlightingways in which Switzerland might move from 'laggard' to 'leader.' ONGOING Activities
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