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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Earthquakes occur because of geologic forces inside earth. They build up slowly and eventually become so strong, they break rocks underground. *What's going on in Earth that Makes the ground shake??? Lots of energy in the form of motion is released, and it spreads out in all directions, making the ground shake.*The sudden release of energy is what makes earthquakes so destructive. Seismograph: HOW WE MEASURE THIS STUFF Earthquakes by avonley nguyen double click to change this title text! Most Damaged Area The 2008 Earthquake of Sichuan, China North West section of Chengdu Damage: Over 69,000 killed 374,000 injured5 million homeless double click to change this header text! How Earthquakes are Formed Richter Scalefor this earthquake: MAGNITUD E 8.0 Earth is a fiery ball, protected only by a thin shell. This shell is cracked in some areas. Each piece ofthe shell is called aThe crust, or shell, floats on the liquidy mantle beneathit. The plates are always moving, and they don't alwaysmove smoothly past each other. These times they getstuck. But the mantle keeps moving, and this builds up a lot of pressure. This is when an earthquake happens. tectonic plate. Seismic Waves:Richter Scale: Machine that records quakes.How energy in large amounts travels in the ground.Runs from 1-10. Severe quakes usually measure7.0 or higher. Places in the US Prone to EARTHQUAKES seismograp h pen heavy mass paper
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