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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Avoiding scams. Avoiding A Tax Scam. Step 1.Ask questions, if they haven't said what company they're from, ask. Generally, the people on the other side of the phone call will go with a well known professional name, such as Inland Revenue, so just make sure that you ARE actually with that company Step 2.Threats, if they are constantly threatening you through outthe phone call, warning bells should be going off. Not only is that unprofessional, but also a big hint as to if the person on the other side of the phoneis trying to scam you. double click to change this header text! Scamming is serious business, especially if it involve's your hard earned money,so here are some steps to help if you think you arebeing scammed. Your computer has a problem scam. 'Hacker' and 'viruses' are well known names in the computer world, but what about scammers calling you about your computer having a problem?Not as well known, but still a problem. Here are some steps to help you 'detect' and 'terminate' your phone call companion's scam. Step 1. Think, has your computer actually been having technical problems?If your computer hasn't had a problem, it's pretty obvious, why would they be callingabout a non-existent problem? Simple, they want something from you. Step 2.What company do they come from?On a New Zealand's national ONE NEWS article, a set of scammers are claiming they come from 'MICROSOFT'. Ultimately, if the say your computer's got a problem. HANG UP.
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