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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! An Avalanche is a rapid flow of snow sliding down a sloping surface. . After a huge snow storm dumps large amounts of snow on a mountain it causes the underlayer of snow to fracture because of the pressure being applied by the fresh snow. Strong winds cause the first layer of snow to be pushed and forced down the slope which picks up more fresh snow which increases the amount of force . Snow Avalanches Avalanches kill more than 150 people year across the worldIn some cases Avalanches destroy entire towns located near mountains. The picture to the right is a house demolished by an Avalanche in May 2013 in Kashmir, South Asia. The reason why people live in avalanche areas is because they are often excellent farming areas. The soil is very fertile and combined with high rainfall farmers can produce summer crops and graze animals on lush pastures. Preparation in avalanche prone areas:Put up avalanche shields. Have a planned escape route if you have to evacuate.Stock up on equipment and food if you are trapped. Impact minimisation:Build Avalanche dams which allows the snow to flow in a certain direction.and construct avalanche barriers. This will protect the downhill area. Warning systems need to be used in local towns and villages. Ski patrols need to break up snow and ice packs before they get too big,Search dogs are used to minimise the number of deaths in a Avalanche. An Avalanche run out The destruction caused by an avalanche The stages of an Avalanche Avalanche barriers Dog rescuer
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