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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aura: Marvelous or Uncanny? First, there's the old lady, Senora Consuelo whose face is "so old it's almost childlike" and she wants YOU to publish her late husband's memoirs (18). So, the old lady's weird, but now you find a bunch of cats "writhing in flames and giving off a dense smoke that reeks of burnt fur" (59). From the memoirs youlearn that sinceConsuelo can't have a baby, she started"growing her own herbsin the garden" and tried to create a daughter while "under the effects of narcotics" (103) One day, you see the old lady raising "herfists and strik[ing] feebly at the air". Then, as if that wasn't weird enough, "she beats her breast until she collapses" (47). You notice that Aura "imitated every gesture of the Senora, as if she were permitted to do only what the Senora did" (73). Then, you notice that Consuelo's getting even older, "her eyes hidden by those drooping, wrinkled, dead-white lids" (79) Now, something even creepier happens because as you're looking through Consuelo's old pictures, you see yourself: "blurred, lost, forgotten, but you, you, you" (137). So, as you're kissing Aura, you realizethat you are actually kissing Consuelo. because you are actually the General and Aurais Consuelo. The Marvelous: The Uncanny: You are Felipe Montero, a young historian. One day you stumble upon an ad in the newspaper for a job and "it seems to be addressed to you and nobody else." So, you decide to check it out and upon arriving at the house, things start getting weird... The last thing you hear is "She'll come back, Felipe. We'll bring her back together. Let merecover my strength and I'll bring her back" (145). By now you have realized that time is really funky inthis house and thatthe real passage of time "races witha mortal and insolent swiftness no clock could ever measure" (139) One day, you decide to go to the patio, but while you are there, you find a bunch ofherbs that you recall "dilate the pupils, alleviate pain, and weaken the will" (103). Which do YOU think it is? The Marvelous explanation is the magical one. Magical/supernatural things can happen, andeveryone would think it's normal. In Aura, it means that time could very well be circular, you could be the General, and she could be Aura (hello! mirroring). She could be worshiping the devil and burning cats and it would all be normal. The Uncanny explanation is the logical one. There is a rational reason for everything that has happened. In this novel, it is possible that Felipe was under influence of the narcotics that Consuelo was growing and imagined the whole thing. Then, there's THE girl. Her name is Aura and you immediately fall in love with her. There are 2 possible explanations for these weird events:
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