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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AURA: Marvelous, Uncanny, or Fantastic? by Adrienne Brauch Fantastic Uncanny Marvelous The Background mysterious house with little to no light in it, forced to use senses other than sight to gain information Characters Felipe- narrator who is hypnotized by Aura's haunting qualities Senora Consuelo- old lady of the house, Aura seemsto mirror her movements Aura-Senora's niece with piercinggreen eyes and a hypnotic presence Definition:supernatural is considered normal Definition:Ambiguous moments when reader isunsure if a work is marvelousor uncanny Definition:rational explanation behind odd events Setting Plot Felipe commissioned to finish memoirsHe is attracted to Aura at first sightOdd occurrences in house- religious ritualsto tortured saints, burning cats, Aura mirrors the Senora's actionsFelipe Seduced by AuraAura transforms into Senora at the end Madness Drugs How would Todorov classify this book? herbs in house that"bring consolation,weaken the will, induce a voluptuous calm" (103) The Senora "was under the effects of narcotics" (133) "I've re-created her!I can invoke her, I cangive her life with my own life!' (133) " I'm going toward youth, andmy youth is coming toward's come back."(135) Senora was actually able to create Aura supernaturally,as a clone of her youth. "She'll come back, Felipe...Let merecover my strength and I'll bringher back..."(145) Ultimately, it is up to the reader to decide if it is in the Uncanny or the Marvelous After he sees photo of Aura and Senora's husband, Felipe is convinced he is actually the husband ? Aura in kitchen "beheading a kid,"while the Senora is in her room "performing a ritual with the empty air" doing the same motions(91) Senora could be controlling her,or could just be coincidence
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