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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My priority for attracting my audience was definitley do my research because i knew that without it , i wouldn't have a clue on what to do. My main problem was my target audience was for people alot older than me, so it was hard to conduct surveys for this, however i think i achieved and reached out to my target audience very well. To get the general house style (colours for example) i researched other magazines targeting my target group, along with this, books, celebrities and just general public observations. Starting with my front cover, I've used a very classic and elegant look, which upon doing research this is what appealed most. I couldn't do a survey but i used the resources i could and asked a few family members and family friends how they felt about my magazine (ages 19-40) Judging by my feedback the fact i kept the house style the same through out the magazine was very appealing to my audience and the fact i kept it organized.Another element which seemed to attract my audience was the puff on the right hand side of the page,the dream holiday seemed to fit best with my reader profile, and my feedback showed that this was a positive element in the magazine. My chosen article titles for my contents page and front cover were all based on research i undertook, using the techniques i included above, and also looking at previous chart history/age ranges related to purchases of singles and albums. I think i've definitely reached my target audience in some ways but then in others i haven't for example, my model could have been abit older, and maybe the story on my double page spread a bit more targeted towards my target audience.
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