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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In the last 5 years, technology for mobiles has increased significantly by creating a 'smartphone.This 'smartphone' allows us to do just anything we imagine. Take photos, films, write essays, and even sometimes draw. Intellectual Property The reliability and integrity of these computer systems have increased around 90% since the 90s. Much of the thanks can be awarded to companies such as Dell, Apple, and HP. These companies have managed to increase this percentage and gain trust with their users. Reliability and Integrity Authenticity and security has rapidly improved in various ways since the 90s. Such as with Bank Of Americaif you need to check your account online, to prove that the site is legit and your account is secure,they have provided you with 'sitekey's', which are small pictures just to verify and protect us from any unauthorized users. Authenticity and Security and Unauthorized Users Social Impacts and Stakeholders Social Impacts of this new technology is that communication face-to-face has lowered by 86%. The causeof this is because the new technology permits Facetime, Oovoo, and others such as Skype. These videochat applications enable us to communicate w/o being in the same place. Other social effects affectstakeholders as well because what if the these intelligent systems fail. How would we be able to fix it? Privacy and Anonymity and Surveillance Digital Divide and Digital Citizenship Using information incorrectly can put a strain on our Digital Citizenship, but it also creates a Digital Dividebetween the 'IT-rich' and the 'IT-poor'. This meaning that in today's society people tend to mess up theircomputers by getting a virus on them frequently, 'IT-poor', and then having to have assistance by a technition of some sort,'IT-rich'. Privacy today has decreased rapidly due to the unlimited internet access children and adults have gained.We may think that we are doing actions anonymously but it's never actually anonymous because the government can find out anything we do. Everyone is entitled to privacy but its not always guaranteeddue to the resources provided. Globalization and Cultural Diversity The Globalization of technology started first across the world in China with devlopments in technology.Now today our society has become very Diverse. Many examples of this is, is that when you call a company of some sort someone from India, or England might answer. Policies and Standards and Protocols There are many more policies in today's society because the intelligence and skill level has significantly rose.These policies insure the correct use of different machines. Standards and protocols are the policies that those skilled engineers have to follow in order to produce what is needed within our community. These stardards and protocols have become more complex then in the earlier years due to lack of knowledge. Aubreigh Jackson-5th-9/1/14
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