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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Things to know about the Neutron Electron Cloud Quark Lepton Nucleus The word atom comes from the ancient Greek word meaning undivided. They thought that an atom couldnt be cut into anything smaller, which we now know is not exactly right. Boy, were they wrong! Made up of tiny bundles of energy. A part of the atom that has neither a positive or a negative charge found in the nucleus. An elementary particle with negative charge. Subatomic particles that has a positive charge found in the nucleus. Where electrons are in the atom Any of a number subatomic particles carrying a fraction a fractional electric charge. Central part of the atom, which contains nuetrons and protons Protons Electron file:///Users/science/Desktop/molecule-simple-black-icon-512.png file:///Users/science/Desktop/rams15Das4.gif file:///Users/science/Desktop/225px-Quark_structure_proton.svg.png file:///Users/science/Desktop/science-nuclear-512.png file:///Users/science/Desktop/Human_Cell-512.png file:///Users/science/Desktop/makingleptonsfromtops1.png "It's what we're really made of." Light * The natural agent that stimultaes sight and makes things visible Energy levels for an electron in an atom: The state of the least possible energy Energy levels for an electron in an atom: the state of the highest possible energy * When energy is given to an atom, it gives off light* When light is shined on certain metals, they give off electrons* Electrons are particles and light is a wave*These are the different energy levelsof light Electron Atom Au Name of the element abbreviated. Nuclear Symbol: 79 196.966569(4) Gold Atomic Mass: Number of protons plus the number of neutrons of an atom. Atomic Number: Number of protons in the nucleus. Element Name: Name of the given element. Periodic Table Square An arrangement of elements according to their atomic numbers. Orbitals - Each of the actual potential patterns of electron density, may be formed in atom or molecule. Electron Configuration- Is the distribution of electrons of an atom Noble Gas Configuration - Is an abbreviation in an atom's electron a shorter version of electron configuration Valence Electron - Electrons can absorb energy from external sources such as lamps, and bulbs, and can be advanced to higher energy levels. Electron that is most likely to be involved in a chemical reaction
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