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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Student-Athlete Experience: Perceptions vs. Reality Nick Hinkle | EAD 871 Percent athletes who reported "always" or "often" attend class THE IMPACT Athletes who have been perceived negatively by other students 97 Athletes who have been perceived negatively by professors 60% 33% ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT GAP? 1. BY THE NUMBERS 2 20B 30B 1 It seems faculty at the larger, NCAA Div. I institutionshave stronger negative feelings toward athletescompared to smaller, lower Division schools. Society has a need to categorize people, not just athletes, into groups to help simplify the social environmentby reducing and facilitating they comprehension of information (Allport, 1954). Sources: Simons et al., 2007 & Parsons, 2013 Most studies show a cognitive gap (math, writing & reading) exists between non-athletes and athletes who are in revenue producing sports. This gap widens throughout the college years and is consistent across all NCAA Divisions and holds true regardless of the school's selectiveness. Non-Athletes fairlyequal Athletes in non-revenue producing sports Athletes in revenue producing sports (football/basketball) Non-Athletes 2. THE FUTURE Athletes generally take less credits and achievelower GPAs when in season compared toout of season. Athletes Non-Athletes Faculty Staff COMMUNITY Brown (2006) indicates becoming a full participant in a communityleads to learning milieus. Thus, creating opportunities for athletes to become apart of the academic community, not just their athleticteam, is key. Panscarella (2001) discusses that diversity experiences, including interaction with others who hold differing perspectives, can positively impact critical thinking & modes of reasoning. Interaction between athletes, non-athletes, faculty & staff is key to breaking down "dumb jock" stereotypes. 3. Faculty hold the strongest negative feelings towardsmale athletes in revenue producing sports. Thisis most likely due to lack of interaction and having to miss class for athletic competitions.
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