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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Assistive & AdaptiveTechnology By Zach Knight Assistive Technology IS any item,piece of equipment,or product system,whether acquired commercially off the shelf modified or customized. Adaptive Technology An item that is specifically designed for persons with disabilities; devices which would seldom be used by non-disabled persons *eyeglasses*large print books*pen&paper*signaling devices*highlighters*number line*communication board*electonic books*single word scanners*word processors *video magnifers*braille*hearing aid*adaptive input device*audio books*e-text*personal organizer*enlarge screen image*talking thermometers*captioned video/media A magnifying glass is used to make font bigger . dynavox is a speech commutation devie. What i learned in creating this project is there is not much different between assistive and adaptive. also that adaptive is for both disabled and non disabled people . Reflection Audio books talking thermometer video magnifer enlarge screen image make the image closer. hearing aid make it easy to hear if you are hard of hearing personal organizer is used to keep stuff organized like a day planner e-text is what we are doing when we are using a ipad or nook. adaptive input device are things like a keyboard or mouse. number line is used for math for negative and positive numbers single word scanners are used like for scanning barcodes. word processors are used to type stuff. large print books make them easy to read. eyeglasses are used to make it easy to see what you are reading. communication board is used to help you talk to people if you cant talk good. highlighters are used to help you take notes of important information. signaling devices are used to get help when you need it . pen&paper is used to write stuff down and take notes.
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