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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Celebrate as One Nation This year Singapore has 4 long weekendsand many are planning for their overseastrips. However SG50 weekend is significantas Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob has urged everyone to stay andcelebrate with the Singapore spirit! Long Weekend Aim Reactions on Twitter "My appeal to Singaporeans is to please stay in Singapore during the long weekend. I understand that Singaporeans take the opportunity during periods of long weekends to chill out with their families overseas, and on other occasions thats all right, but on this occasion, I hope that they will stay and really celebrate Singapore's jubilee yeartogether as a nation." Long National Day weekend The Singapore Spirit Overwhelming excitement for long weekend. As many starts to plan overseas holidays with families. Unexpected declaration of 7th Aug asholiday made some confused and thinking its an early April fools joke. After confirming it is real, Singaporeans started to hashtag SG50 and share their bursting excitement. Many were surprised as it was an unexpected long holiday and with Mr Lee Kuan Yewcondition worsened this holiday totally created shock to all. Also some were angry andsad that they could not proceed with their overseas plans as Speaker of Parliament hasurged all to stay home and celebrate Singapore's jubliee year with the Singapore spirit. Also they were sad as they hope that our first prime minister will be able to celebrateSG 50 as he is the man who is behind Singapore's success today. Many were happy as they can't wait to celebrate SG 50 and as well as taking this time to spend time withtheir family. Minority were disgusted as they find this long weekend makes nodifference to their lifes.
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