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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chiune Siguhara is from Japan and followed his dream to be a teacher. When he was a teacher he met Yukiko and had a son named Hiroki. They where then posted to lithuania by JMFA(japanese ministry of forign affairs) his new job. while they where in lithuania many jews asked for visas. so his requests to give them visas was denied so he decided to risk his job and life and do it. After words saving many jews he moved to america for A better life since he lost his job. They where put in internment camps, and afterwords he died and his family made it out alive to live happy lives A Special Fate by Allison Leslie Gold Chiune Siguhara Born Jan1 1900, his parents believed he was born with a special fate. His early life and family Met Yukiko Kikuchi, fell in love, and married her soon after he joined the japanese ministry of forign affairs. Chiune soon had a son with Yukiko named Hiroki Siguhara and where posted to Lithuania to find thousands of Jewish refugees asking for permission to enter and escape Hitlers reign. His request to let the Jews pass was denied so he decided to risk everything and sign visas for as many refugees as he could Chiune Siguhara is Fired from his job and threatened so he and his family move to America thinking they'll have a better life to find that japan bombed pearl harbor on Dec 7, 1941 and all Japanese where being sent to internment camps. A Special Fate by g Quote: I learned to GIVE not because I have much, but because I know what its like to have nothing- Chiune Siguhara
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