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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OWNER FANO (PU) IPR Strategy 2010 2010 to 2015 The Swiss Supreme Court protects privacyof copyright violators The Swiss Federal Council concludesthat there is no need to update Swiss copyright legislation 2012 Embassy Bern pushesfor an expert roundtablein the framework of the Joint Economic Forum Embassy Bern discourages the USG interagency group from watchlistingSwitzerland in the 2012 special 301 report 2013 7 meetings organized by Secoon IPR in Switzerland 1) Expert focus on copyright law2) legal changes3) criminal liability4) voluntary measures Swiss Ministry of Justicestarts its own IPR roundtable Embassy Bern advocates for watchlisting Switzerland in the Special 301 report (Interagency group does not concur) 2014 Swiss Ministry of Justicelaunches legal reforms.If successful won't be enforced until 2019, nineyears after Logistep. U.S. Copyright holders dissatisfied with anticipated losses until 2019 Embassy Bern adovocates for watchlisting Switzerland in the speical 301 report whilealso mentioning Switzerland in the NotoriousMarket Report. Interagency groupdoes not follow 2015 Embassy Bern continuesto engage with IPR leaders in SwissParliament. (i.e. Swiss Sen. Gutzwiler wants to accelerate legislative procedure). Embassy Bern contiues to engagewith copyright holders (SAFE), theSwiss government (i.e. Ministryof Justice), local copyright protectiongroups (Suissimage), & technologyleaders (Google & others) double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Embassy Bern continues advocating for watchlistingSwitzerland in the Special301 report. (Savary Report) (Logistep case) The U.S. Senate's "InternationalCreativity & Threat Prevention Caucus" includes Switzerland, alongside India, China, and Russia on its internationalpiracy watchlist. ( )
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