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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PHOMOLONG Anti Retroviral Clinic Recent Statistics: December 2014 PATIENT EDUCATION COVERAGE AND SERVICES PROVIDED EPIDEMIOLOGY - To control the influx of patients and long waiting times, the Department of Health initiated the "Pharmacy Direct" programme in conjunction with nearby Shoprite and Checkers stores- Patients who qualify must have a low viral load, must be adherent to their HAART treatment and it must be convenient for the patient Tshwane Ward 68 And Kalafong Down-Referrals QUEUES - Average Waiting Time: 3 Hours Bophelong Clinic and Kalafong Hospital COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT -PMTCT is done in partnership with the clinic sisters specialisedin basic antenatal care (BANC). - Screening for possible TB infections are done at the ARV clinic. Once TB has been detected, the patients are then referred to the TB Health Programme for further management In Responding To The Burden Of HIV In The Area - Large influx of patients- Lack of compliance by patients- Shortage of drugs- Defaulters - Shortage of staff- No designated doctor ...Currently A Work In Progress CHALLENGES QUALITY OF CARE Founded 2008 REFERRALS -By Foundation For Professional Development (NGO).-Donated to Tshwane District in 2010.-Run by Sister K.P.Shole, a registered nurse trained in NIMART (Nes Initiated Managed Care Anti Retroviral) Primary Healthcare 101 & Update On Revised Guidelines Provided By Onsite Counsellors, Health Promoters, Registered Sisters And Dietitians Extent of patient education:- Understanding of condition- Why they need treatment - Methods of taking the medication and their side effects- Importance of compliance and the risk of resistance- Nutritional advice- Transmission prevention INTEGRATIONSWITH OTHER HEALTH PROGRAMMES Referrals are made in the case of:- Medication shortages- Absence of doctors and other healthcare staff- Associated mental and dental health issues (Bophelong Clinic)- Unresponsive treatment REFERRAL PROCESSPatients are sent to the clinic doctor for a thorough consultation and examination. If the doctor decides that the clinic is unable to manage the patient appropriately, the necessary paper work is completed and a referral form is given to the patient. All health problems of HIV positive patients are dealt with including:- Full scope HIV care according to Primary Health Care 101 Protocoland issuing of ARVs- Consultations for general complaints- Concomitant chronic disease follow ups- Gynaecological investigations such as pap smears- Dieticians- Social workers- Family planning- HIV counselling - Forms for grants (SASA) HIV Support Groups - Facilities at the clinic are available for support groups to meet. It was initiated by the FDC, however due to the limitation in funds these support groups are less frequent - Community run vegetable garden that caters to the malnourished HIV/AIDS and TB patients -Provided by strict adherence to the above mentioned protocols- Four registered nurses trained in NIMART- Qualifications of staff allow for patient care of higher quality
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