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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 D) Professional Growth and Leadership A) B) C) It is imperative for teachers to constantly be aware of new emerging technologies. By making sure that on a regular basis they explore what is new in the world of digital tools and resources they can evaluate and reflect on them to see if they can be added to the classroom. This ensures that the students will never be left behind when it comes to new ways of learning. A teacher who wishes to continually improve themselves professionally should participate in local and global learning communities. This allows them to explore what others have done and created, discuss with like-minded people, and share personal discoveries. What the teacher discovers in these communities can help them create better lesson plans and improve their students learning. A way for teachers to show leadership is to help with the development of leadership and technology skills in others. By finding ways to integrate technology into the classroom, teachers will not only create new and innovative ways of learning, but it will also allow their students to learn about and become involved in their community. Teachers themselves should try and find ways to contribute not only to the world of teaching, but also to their school and community. When a teacher finds a way to develop themselves professionally they should self-asses to see the effectiveness that it is having on the classroom. When something works well share it with others so that they too can learn from it; if something goes poorly, learn from it and evolve. For a teacher to remain relevant and keep up with the changing developments in education they must continuously improve their professional practice, add to their knowledge, and always look for innovative ways of using digital tools and resources effectively in their classroom.
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