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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How it Effects Animals the amount of animal deaths due to human litter has increased by 40%in the last year What it does Plastic bags are harmful How are they helping? who else is helping with this issue? How does this affect me? Unhealthy Earth Many different organizations aretrying to solve this issue likeGreenpeace, Kemp Ridley's seaturtles, RSPCA, Wildlife news,No Bags Thanks!, ocean healthindex and countless more. This info graphic was created byAlex Rollie ridleys sea turtlesRSPCAwildlife news it could take 20-1000 years for plastic bags to decomposeIn that time many animals may come acrossthis bag right now there is 46,000 pieces ofplastic per square kilometer in theearths ocean if humans continue onthis wasteful path soon the will beno clean water in the oceans andthe ecosystem will fall apart. you could help by donating toalready existing organizations,starting your own organization,talking about it with your Friendsor picking up stray garbage yousee on the ground. Graph With the way humans are litteringits only a matter of time before thelitter stars collecting in our homesand invading our space. Littering 46,000 animals lives have been negativly affected by waste in there habbitat . countless more animals that havent been discovered yet have been killed or injured by the presence of litter When a animal eats a plastic bagit blocks there air pipe and kills the animal then it decomposesfaster than the bag andthe bag is released back into theenviroment for another animal to eat. These organizations are helpingthe animals by spreading awareness,leading expeditions and acceptingdonations. what could i do to help? 0 10 20 30 40 food plastic paper metal glass wood rubber
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