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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Here's a few relatively simple ways around censorship. A VPN is, as the name suggests, a private network that works across the internet. This makes it so that your computer is using an encrypted connection, and is therefore not being watched by Chinese censors. However, often times there is a subscription fee for using a VPN, and more and more VPN websites are being blocked.You may also have to install specific software to allow you VPN to work. Using Puns? Proxy websites act as a go-between for your computer andthe website you want to reach, making it appear as if you arereaching the website from somewhere else. There are someproxies that are a paid service, but there are plenty of free sites available. However, like the VPN, these sites do get shut down. Use a Proxy Website Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Okay, so this one isn't going to help you check your Facebook.However, using puns, careful wording, and code words can do though, can allow you to search for or talk about possibly sensitive topics more easily. Puns are much more difficult for censors to catch, although in order for this to work, you need to know the code words in the first place. Firechat This one isn't even a website; it's a smartphone application.This app is unique in that it allows phones to communicate over Wi-fi or Bluetooth. There are several downsides of course- it relies on proximity, and the communication is public,among others. Even given the restrictions, this application has been found to be quite useful, and is being used by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Getting around Chinese censorship: You have options. Getting around Chinese censorship: You have options. 3 1 2 Of course, I can't actuallyendorse either of these. That would be wrong. 4
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