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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ARE YOU WRITING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION ? Learning the Ethos, Logos, Pathos 6.Remember to always stop and take a break from writing so your mind can be clear therefore your ideals will be clear 1.If you are a procrastinator then you are going on the wrong path ! I have never put off writing a paper at the last minute if you are going to proceed anyway please proceed with caution 2.Stop do not move on if you have not mastered Pathos Stop Know who your audience is in all my papers i struggle with audience and as a result i failed to hook them Failed to get the audience emotionally involed Stop I broke my papers up into days therefore procrastination was never and option write aparagraph a day and leave time to make revision and peer review 5.Use your resources , the free tutoring, your instructor and the internet . For me if somethings was not clear and the instructor could not make me understand using the internet help me by offering background information about the topic and or subjcet 3.know your logos make your papers sound knowledgeable and always back up you work so you portray yourself as credible and Know your purpose Stop 4.Next stop ethos. make sure to back information that is not yours something. That was helpful to me was the sandwich method. Make sure there is no plagiarism in your writing and you can check that by using your resources you can use a plagiarism checker online
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