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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Arena Vs.Ranked Presented by Analysis from 15,980 games from 27 differentusers. Results below may not all hold as more data is collected, but many of the conclusions should be valid. Most played Class Ranked Arena These class both also have the highest win rates in these game types. It seems that people like to win 21.07% Popularity52.74% Win Rate 24.61% Popularity54.46% Win Rate Least played Class 5.64% Popularity42.03% Win Rate 4.05% Popularity47.32% Win Rate Both with low win rates. Corollary to "People like to win": People don't like to lose. Every Class Uses its Hero Power more in Arena Some of this can be attributed to game length, as arena games last an average of 1.4 more turns. Mana Efficiency First 5 Turns Mana Efficiency = Total Mana Spent/ Total Mana Available Arena Ranked +2.5% +.7% 10% Increase in Mana Efficiency Corresponds to ? Change in Win Rate Entire Game +1.7% -.6% So efficient mana use is more important in early game than late game and in arena than ranked. Correlation between high efficiency in the later game and losing more often in ranked is interesting. Perhaps aggro decks have burned through their hand but gained an advantage in doing so and are just hero-powering to victory. Maybe control decks are saving answers in hand once they already have the board and thus expending less mana. The Cards Considering Only Cards Which are Played an Average of at Least Once per 50 Games. Played at 19 times the rate in arena as in ranked Most Popular in Arena vs Ranked 16.8 % higher win rate in arena Biggest Win Rate Increase in Arena 18.9% higher win rate in arena Most Popular in Ranked vs Arena 14.2% higher win rate in ranked Played at 11.5 times the rate in ranked as in arena Biggest Win Rate Increase in Ranked 24.5% higher win rate in ranked Honorable mentions: Inner Rage, Shadowstep, ArmorSmith, Ice Lance, Silence Honorable mentions: Worgen Infiltrator, Doomguard,Scarlet Crusader, Lightning Storm, Mind Control Tech Honorable mentions: Sylvanas Windrunner, Ragnaros the Firelord, Mountain Giant, Eaglehorn Bow, Ancient of Lore Honorable mentions: Boulderfist Ogre, Stranglethorn Tiger, Scarlet Crusader, Raging Worgen, Jungle Panther Please consider helping out by clicking the contribute data button and adding your games to the database
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