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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FAST FACTS-tundra is a Finnish word thatmeans 'treeless plain' whichdescibes this biome well.-permafrost has the abilityto preserve plants and animalsin the ice for long periods oftime. This means scientists canuse it as a reference to learn about climate change. ANIMALSAll the biotic things in the tundra biome have special adaptions to survive the icy weather. There is, believe it or not, quite a wide variety of animals in these areasincluding caribou, polarbears, arcticfoxes and wolves and hares. PLANTSMost of the vegetation inthe arctic tundra consistsof mosses, lichens and shrubs (and sometimessmall trees). Growing season lasts up to 60 days. HUMAN INFLUENCEPeople have begun to move to the arctic tundra to work in the mines or oil industry. Due to the increase in population in the tundra areas, there have been developments including roads and towns. This is interrupting many animals' migrating and feeding patterns and cause damage to the permafrost. WEATHERIn the arctic tundra, the winters are long and the summers areshort. In winter, it can get as cold as -45 degrees celcius butin summer it rarely gets above10 degrees! Arctic Tundra WHAT IS THE ARCTIC TUNDRA?The arctic tundra is the coldest anddriest biome on earth consisting ice,snow and some greenery. It is also quitebig too, covering one fifth of the earth's land. This biome is located inthe arctic circle which surrounds the north pole.
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