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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Archaeology Archaeology Archaeologists use artifacts belonging to past civilizations to gather information about human history. They excavate, preserve, and analyze their own and others discoveries like tools, cave paintings, ruins, and pottery. Some work in cultural resource management. Often employed by engineering firms, they ensure that construction work done on or near archaeological sites complies with historical preservation laws. Archaeologists often make presentations and speeches about their discoveries to the public and events on cultural resource management. Archaeologists work in excavation sites, universities, engineering firms and governments all over the world! Median Annual Salary: $57,420 Dr. Harold L. Dibble. (2013, July 31). Retrieved December 2, 2014, from L. Dibble. (2014). Retrieved December 2, 2014, from, D. (2014). Archaeologist. Retrieved December 2, 2014, from I chose this career because my articles were about ancient bronze artifacts and archaeologists are the ones who discover and create the data on those artifacts. A major in archaeology is required! Bachelors - entry-level positionsMasters - beyond entry-levelPhD - required to teach college Archaeology requires good communication in writing and orally.One must be up to long hours, lots of movement, and harsh conditions when on digs.Logical and methodical thinking skills required. Harold L. Dibble He earned both his bachelors and PhD in Archaeology at the University of Arizona.He participated in excavations on the site of Pech de l'Azé IV in Carsac-Aillac, France.His archaeological work centers on Neandertals in Western Eurasia.He is currently professor of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania and co-director of 3 ongoing excavations.Dibble advocates reexcavation and revision of previous sites and artifacts using modern technology.
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