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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 (CK) ContentKnowledge (my ideal) (CK) Content Knowledge (my current) (PK) Pedagogical Knowledge (my ideal) (PK) Pedagogical Knowledge (my current) (TK) Technological Knowledge (my ideal) (TK) Technological Knowledge (my current) Pedagogical Knowledge Jamie's TPack Model - I am in my Second Year of Elementary Education My Ideal Levels of Technological Knowledge:Technology can do a great deal to transform how we teach. The right tools can turn a simple, boring, tedious task, into an engaging and interactive learning experience. However technology is only used an enhancement to the content and pedagogyin a classroom. I represented this by making the Technological bubble slightly smaller. It isonly slightly smaller as it can be a key aspectin Teaching Framework. My Ideal Levels of Pedagogical Knowledge: Knowing how to teach is the most important aspect of a teaching Framework, thus it is the largest bubble in my framework. A knowledgeable teacher who knows how to design a lesson that encourages understanding, can make all the difference in students lives. Without this aspect of education, content and technology would not be transformative. My Current Levels of Technological Knowledge: I am relatively comfortable with technology. I know how to use technology and technological tools, and am pretty good at problem solving when something goes wrong on a technological device. However, I have had some troubles with understanding technology in the past. As well, I dont have that wide of a knowledge base regarding the different tech. tools available. My Current Levels of Pedagogical Knowledge: Throughout my studies I am beginning to become more comfortable with being a teacher, and knowing how to teach in a classroom. I have begun developing some teaching strategies; however, I am not very comfortable in my ability. I have not done my practicum either, and havent had much experience in a classroom. My Ideal Levels of Content Knowledge: The fundamental aspect of teaching and education is content. Content should come first in a framework for teaching. Before deciding on what technology to implement to teach, or how to teach, we need to ensure that what we are doing will match the content level of the students and enhance their knowledge. My Current Levels of Content Knowledge: I am prettycomfortable with elementary level content. However, I won't truly be comfortable with the content until I am in a classroom and am more familiar with the ciriculum Technological Knowledge Content Knowledge
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