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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aragorn Lord of the Rings: Character Analysis Journey From Ranger To King Ranger King "The King archetype is typically the last of the mature masculine archetypes to power up in a mans life" (Brett) What makes a King? -Centered-Decisive-Lives with Integrity-Protects his realm-Provides order-Creates and Inspires creativity-Blesses the lives of others-Leaves a legacy(Brett) A Ranger? AKA Rangers of the North.-grim appearance-Wandered and Protected land-cloakThroughout the movies and books Aragornresembles a ranger(Tolkien gateway contributors) Novel:-Tangled dark hair withgray stripes-Pale, strong facial features-Grey eyes- 6'6" tall-Human-Strong awareness of identity and destiny Aragorns Character Films:-Blue eyes-shoulder length dark curly hair-hesitant and has self doubtful -more driven to marry Arwen The Journey "Fear not! he said. "Long have I desired to look upon the likenesses of Isildur and Anarion, my sires of old. Under their shadow Elessar, the Elfstone son of Arathorn of the House of Valandil Isildur's son heir of Elendil, has naught to dread!" Aragorn proclaiming his lineage (wikia) Aragorns Father was killed kill when he was young, was fostered by Elrond, his lineage was keptsecret. (Wikia)Found out he was heir to the throne when he was 20, when Sauron regained power. (Veugen 5)Aragorn accepts his heritage in the book, in the movies it is seen as more of a burden. Aragorns background was also more clearly explained in the novels."Strider" he was called; a ranger protecting his realm for many years and for most, hewas seen as Strider the ranger.he is portrayed as having the characteristics of a king as written by Tolkien. (Veugen 6).Aragorn inherits narsil, the sword of Isildur: and the ring of Barahir from Elrond. (Veugen 8)Falls in-love with Arwen, but is not able to marry her until he is named king by Elronds words.He is now determined to to fulfill his destiny to be named king and marry his love Arwen.Tells the fellowship of his true identity, but is still seen as grim. Aragorn slowly comes to light as king to Frodo and the fellowship through time.Fully embraces his lineage when he proclaims that he is the king of Gondor before battle: Eventually Aragorn is physically crowned after the ring is destroyed but this is only symbolic, Aragorn has already embraced his kinship and proven he is worthy. (Sparknotes) In order to keep the movies in a reasonable length, Peter Jackson had to choose to remove scenes that may of described Aragorns story more in detail-it was never shown in the movies that the hobbits had any evidence to trust Aragorn Although both in the novels and movies Aragorn's character experienced development. I believe in the movieshe experienced greater development.Aragorn was more insecure and hesistant about his positionI believe this was the case in the movies todisplay that Aragorn is a real human and displaysreal emotions and is not so "magical" as he is in the books. (Wikia) Aragorn displays these characteristicsin both the novels and movies. Aragorn expresses more king-like qualitiesin the books. Aragorn [Online Image] Retrieved July 24, 2013 from
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