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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Throw rugs might be the biggest culprit to falls. They have a tendency to bunch up and its easy to trip over them. The best option is to not use them at all. If you have a rug that is dear to your heart than try to keep it in an area that is not used very often. Top 10 Common Household Hazards & Prevention (for the Elderly) 1. Throw Rugs 2. Clutter Many elder people leave clutter everywhere. which is dangerous, this can be prevented by making sure your home is picked up and clean. 3. Steps That Are Too Steep or Too Long Steep or long staircases can be very dangerous to elder people as it can cause them to fall. 4. Poor Lighting poor lighting is a hazard because if it is too dark in the home it cause someone that is elderly to fall. if it is too bright it can hurt an elder persons vision. can be fixedby fixing to a normal lighting. 5. Pets Yes, pets are cute and keep great company but pets are also a dangerous hazard to a older person.The pets can cause falls or cause a sickness. to prevent it just dont have one, or get one that you dont need to care for. 6. Unstable chairs or tables This is one of the biggest hazards around the home. this can cause falls and injuries. to prevent this make sure to checkfurniture before buying. and check it once in awhile. 7. Extension Cords across walkways Extension Cords can be a hazard as an older person is not being careful can tip over it and fall. you can prevent this by making sure all cord are out of the way. 8. Toilet Seat To Low if the toilet seat is too low it can be a falling hazard for a older person or even worse can injure them. this can be prevented by making sure the toilet seat is at appropiate hieght. 9. Sloping Driveways a driveway that is sloping is a hazard because it is an uneven surface which can cause falls and injuries if not careful. this can be prevented by looking at driveways when buying homes. or just being careful. 10. Cracks in sidewalks or inside homes cracks are dangerous they can cause falls and trips and can be a cause of a serious injury if not careful. to preventthis just be more cautious and watch where you walking!
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