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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Arab Spring: Egypt and Tunisia Protests Tunisia -The protests started in 2010. They started because a regular civilianwho wasn't doing anything wrong had police come up to him and take his stuff and were being violent towards him just for the fun of it. So the man set himselfon fire which brought attention to the factthat the government was being rudeand aggressive towards innocent civilians. After the man set himself on fire the protests started and they grew from there. Egypt -The Tunisian protests inspired the Egyptian protests in 2011. They started because of poor economy, injustice, corruption and calling for the end of presidency of Hosni Mubarakra. -The people didn't like their president,they wanted the regime to fall.Zine El-Abedin Ben Ali, the presedent andhis family left the country seeking protection under Saudi Arabia. Which ended his presidency. -People from many cities in Egypt gathered in Tahrir Square. The protesters ran around screaming "leave!" They wanted HosniMubarakra to leave. The police created a ton of violence with the protesters. 846people died and 6,000 were injured. The protesters burnt down more than 90police stations in Cairo. During this time there was a bombing in Alexandria that killed 21people and injured 70. After the bombing demonstrations grew rapidly. Just 18 days after the bombing the protesters removed Mubarakra and his democratic part. -Violence has now ended in Tunisia,the country is very close todemocracy and will hopefully reach it soon. -Protests and violence is stillhappening in Egypt but will hopefully follow in Tunisia'sfootsteps. In late 2010 the Arab Spring started. Tuisia was the first country to start protesting. The protests then spred to other countries in the Middle East area.
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