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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Arabian Peninsula Desert Physical features:*Sand dunes that can be over 10 stories big*Little vegetation Mountains Climate:* Can get to over 100° in thesummer*Very cold at night (can be belowfreezing)*Yearly rainfall is 3-4 inches Adaptations:*People are nomadsand live in tents*Camels are used for transportation*Long gowns are worn*Cattle is raised by most*Trading Livability Rating:1It is very hot in the desert, yet the temperature can get below freezingat night.There are also many sandstorms and little vegetation,which make is hard for farmers. Trading Rating:4People who live in the desert trade goods that their cattle produced. Trading will helpthose who live in thedesert. Physical features*Large mountains (1000-13,000 ft)*dry riverbeds*harsh winters Adaptations*built irrigation systems*build houses made out of mud bricks*built terraces*stored water in trees*farmers farmed on terraces Climate*Cool*Gets around 20 inches of rain each year*Frost appears in the winter Livabilty Rating3The mountains get plenty of rain, farmers have places to farm, and there are irrigation systems and houses. It is very cold in the winter, though. Trade Rating1It does not seem like people who live on the mountain trade very often. Trading may not be successful since not manytrade in the mountains. Map Of The Arabian Peninsula Why should you move to the desert?If you like to travel and roam, thenthe desert is for you! It's easy toraise cattle there, and there aremany nomads to trade with! Why should you move to the mountains?The mountains have a comfortable,cool climate. It's a good places for farmers because there are manyterraces to plant crops. There are houses and irrigation systemstoo!
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